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Eyyyyyyy long time no see.

I've created a new dA, which can be found here:…

Whatever you're thankful for, I hope you all have a good one. (If you're an americhan, that is)
Stay safe, you guys.
Yep, I got one:

I'll probably just upload stuff I really like over there uvu
Tagged by vio because I read hers.

What is your 'online' Name: Glacia

What UTAU's have you created? : CACTLOID, Cafe Fonico, Catherine, Poppy Roca

What UTAU's and UTAU makers do you look up to? : UTAU-wise: Sorane Rana, Makune Hachi, Kaneyama Shou. People wise? Probably Scarfu, Chase, Jade, Brella, Tai, and Syo; they were some of the first people who's UTAU stuff I really followed and admired.

What are some of your dreams as an UTAU maker? : Well, I would love to be able to make UST's and originals someday! Also, I would love to have peeps outside of the fandom to voice for me.

What got you into UTAU? : Well, while I knew of UTAU before, and I knew you could make voices in it, I didn't really get into it until I realized it was free, HAHA.

What do you like best about your UTAU? : Well, let's see, I like Cafe's design, and I'm the most satisfied with hers of any of my UTAU's, I also like how I was able to voice-act her lower; Catherine I'm also pretty satisfied design-wise, and even though she's CV-only, her voice is pretty smooth. And Poppy and CACTLOID...are just Poppy and CACTLOID.

What do you dislike/think you need to improve upon with your UTAU? : CACTLOID has too much background noise in his samples, Catherine's samples derp sometimes, Poppy needs a new design, and Cafe's LOUD APPEND is just nasal and icky, especially compared to her VCV, which is stronger than her base CV, but not as nasally or robotic. Also, her VCV is a bit raspier, but I'd rather have that than nasal ick. xD

What are your plans for the future with your UTAU? : VCV for Poppy and Catherine, a strong CV for CACTLOID, a soft VCV for Cafe, CV-VC Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and possibly English, but idk which UTAU's



EDIT: Thanks! I pretty much have all the help I need now, so I'm going to go ahead and close this post. Thank you!

So, for my chorus/cover of My Favorite Vocaloid Medley, I was going to just use the concept arts for each of the UTAU's, and put them over the video.

Problem is, my video editing software doesn't support that at the moment.

So, I have another plan.

Draw all of the images.

Feasibly, I could get them all done in a couple of months. (67 UTAU's + one or two drawings a day = about two months)

However, that doesn't sound like the most attractive option.

So, I've thought of a different option, and that is to allow people to donate images.

Here's how it works:

You comment on this post if you want to donate at least one art piece.

I'll contact you on either Skype or AIM (we can exchange via note), assigning you the songs/UTAU's to draw.

Pieces should be 1280 X 720 (or in that ratio)

There's no deadline. Any assignments not filled I can do myself.

(And if nobody offers any art, I can do it all myself anyway. Just will take a lot longer.)

I can do either of these in return:

Draw a chibi of your UTAU

OTO one CV UTAU of your choice.

Mix one song with the UTAU of your choice.

I normally don't ask for things like this, but, please, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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You thought I forgot about this ol' place?

Well, I kind of did.


In other news, if you have a Pixiv, be sure to watch me there, if you don't already; I post stuff there I don't post here.…
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UTAU design help

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 11:19 AM
(note: x-posted from Tumblr)

So, since Kit said it was okay, I've decided to make a post inviting UTAU artists/users to help in design input for ChiyoBLACK, which is a new variation/"append" bank for Sakuwatari Chiyo.


-if you make a drawing of a possible design, send it to me, either by submitting to my Tumblr, @-ing me the design on Twitter, or by e-mailing it to me. (you can also note me on DA)

-Send it in by January 15'th (deadline can be extended or shortened depending on submission volume

-Oh, and preferably it should involve pink and cuteness. ouo

Main design posted here.…

Voice DEMO posted here.…

EDIT: whoops, forgot to post my E-Mail!

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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 6:42 PM
Found someone to voice my new UTAU. AW YEAH. :iconawyeahplz:

Also, I need to do an easy to follow guide to the basics of UTAU. I see some nice articles, but, I feel it could be explained easier, especially for non-technical people. I know a few folks [mainly, Nin] who could use help with that, ahaha.

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 30, 2011, 10:07 PM
Okay, so, I'm planning to make another UTAU… in the future, and I'm looking for a good voice donor. Potential donors must:

-Be male, or be able to imitate a male voice reasonably well. (Though, I could always pitch stuff down if I need to, I'm not terribly picky)

-HAVE A GOOD QUALITY MICROPHONE. I can't stress this enough.  Also, the samples preferably need to not have any background noise, but, I know this isn't always realistic, haha

-Needs to pronounce Japanese syllables reasonably well. Again, can't stress this enough. However, I know "r's" can be tricky, so if you have trouble pronouncing them, just use an "l" sound!

-Be patient! Making an UTAU isn't the hardest thing for me to do, but it does take time, especially when I'm occupied with other things! Also, I may need your services afterwards if I need something re-recorded.

Anyway, if you're still interested, here are the instructions:

1. Send me a demo with you pronouncing the Japanese vowels "a, i, e, o, u," and maybe a little of your singing voice. The last part isn't necessary (you don't have to be able to sing well to record a good UTAU!) This is to show how well you can pronounce things, if you have the right kind of voice, and how good your mic is.
2. If I pick you, I'll give you a reclist (list of sounds you need to record). Next, you basically can open Audacity or another recording program, sing/say the syllable, and hold it for about one and a half seconds. MAKE SURE ALL THE SYLLABLES ARE AROUND THE SAME VOLUME. Doesn't have to be exact, but consistency is important. Save each of the syllables as a .wav file. One you're done, send the files to me in a .zip, and I'll take care of the hard stuff. owob

Again, if you're still intrested after reading that, then note me. I'll give you my e-mail, and you can send me a demo.

(crossposted to Tumblr)

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 14, 2011, 7:33 AM
The first 10 people who comment on this journal entry will receive a FREE SKETCH! In return, however, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal just like I am doing. If you're game, leave a comment!

1.  :iconmelissabandtastic:
2. :iconmerkymurkury:
3. :iconmarowakmaniac14:

(I did this before, but it was a long time ago.)

British guy in a metal box.

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2011, 10:15 PM
Through a radio with bad reception. That's what it sounded like when I made an UTAU out of eSpeak's default voice. I thought "hey, this program is open source, which means I can use it for anything, I think I'll make an UTAU!  What could go wrong?"

I accidentally made a joke UTAU.

It is, wow. It's one of those things you need to hear to believe. I think I'll upload a vid of him singing tommorow or something. (I call him Speakne, hehe)

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Synthesized voices.

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 6:42 AM

Due to maddi-x's recommendations, I'm going to make a UTAU-loid. Not due to her recommendations, it'll be a robotic cactus. ohohohohoho.

Don't mind me, just posting a to-do list

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2011, 2:54 PM
Stuff I need to draw:

-Exploud for Pajara-san (from contest)
-I think I'll do more lineless Ghost-type Poké drawings like this:…
-Some large drawing with a lot of things. I don't know what though, and If I think of it myself it'll probably be something Pokémon related, ahaha. If you guys have any ideas, I'll consider/humor them.
-Oh, and I'll probably do something with this:… for my OC's. They're so underdeveloped, ahaha. I'm like maddi-x, I sometimes just make up characters just to draw.


Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2011, 8:34 PM
Okay, so, I'm pretty close to 2000 pageviews. Like, 1950 as of this writing. So, I'm going to take a free request for whoever catches it. Happy page-viewing!

Uuuu, so much to do today

Journal Entry: Wed May 4, 2011, 6:59 AM
And to top it all off, it's only in the mid 40's here currently (mid-morning) and we don't have any heat because our furnace broke again. IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS COLD IN MAY. ;A;

Hey, guys...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 24, 2011, 8:58 PM
Any ideas for movesets for Parasect? I tried raising one in HG on my team, but I didn't have the resources back then to do a proper one. So yeah, I want to do it right this time. I'm definitely leaning towards something with X-Scissor and Spore, if that helps.

Also, hope everybody's having an awesome Easter. (if you celebrate it, that is.)

Music Meme

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 15, 2011, 4:57 PM
Originally did this on LJ, but I felt the need to spread the love. Original post here:…

-Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
-List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
-Post them to your journal with these instructions.

1. Platinum Romance… (feat Miki, Yuki, Miku) - This is like, my second most listened to song on iTunes. (First is Matryoshka, but we'll talk about that later)

2. promise - Kohmi Hirose… - Yeah, it's the Get Down song. Downloaded it a couple weeks ago and couldn't stop listening to it!

3. Pokémon D/P/P Remix: Rival Battle… I absolutely love the original in Diamond/Pearl, and this remix is even better, in my opinion.

4. Po Pi Po… - Okay, I'll be the first to admit that this is purely in the guilty pleasure category. But come on! How can you not like a song about vegetable juice?

5. Pokémon R/S/E Ending Remix… - Favorite ending theme in the Pokémon games, next to the B/W one. many.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 4, 2011, 8:51 AM
Seriously, I have so many ideas for drawings in my head it's crazy. Not telling you what kind of ideas, because then it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?

Well. now to actually do some work, I guess.


Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2011, 7:06 AM
:icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz: :icontrollfaceplz: